Cultural Programs

The Polish American Museum sponsors art expositions, auctions, stamp and coin exhibitions, concerts and recitals, lectures and seminars, films, slide presentations, video programs, traveling exhibits, literary workshops, publication reviews, supplementary programs and field trips.

A bilingual research library contains several hundred reference volumes and many periodicals generously donated by members and friends of the museum.

The Archacki Archives

Established by noted Polish American journalist, historian and artist Henry Archacki, the Archives contain numerous articles, illustrations, drawings and essays on Polish and Polish American men and women.

Polish Supplementary School

The museum conducts a bilingual cultural school for children and adults, offering instruction in Polish and English, art and dance.

Founders Scholarship Program

A competitive academic scholarship is offered to one or more gifted students for collegiate studies. Details are available by contacting Mrs. Szydlowski at the museum address. The only stipulation is that the recipient be of Polish descent or the studies relating to Polish culture or history.

Academic Outreach

The PMA and CMS will give presentations to academic or social institutions seeking specific historical or cultural insights regarding Polish and Polish American deeds.

Smithsonian Affiliate Program

The Museum participates in the Smithsonian Affiliate Program with special exhibitions coordinated with the Smithsonian

The Chopin Recital Series

A series of concerts featuring local and national artists playing the works of Chopin, Paderewski, Gorecki and other Polish composers is an annual events.