1. To motivate and supplement Polish American citizens and other American citizens with a greater knowledge and appreciation of their heritage and values of their culture, customs, social, humanitarian, patriotic, and industrial achievements in education, medicine, science, arts, music, sports and literature.

  2. To create a great human interest in education, art, and other Polish American cultural programs creating a joyful productive life and good will, to serve faithfully the Constitution and the Government of the United States of America.
  3. To provide financial and material aid to students, supplementary schools, cultural organizations, colleges, and universities for continuing the education of the Polish language, performing arts, and other higher American education.
  4. To provide advisory guidance and aid to youth, adults and senior citizens in cultural, patriotic and sport activities.
  5. To acquire educational aids, arts, historical records, films, microfilms, books, music, and literature, and to make them available for studies and research to children, students, adults, and senior citizens of present and future generations.