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Jozef Pilsudski (1867-1935) First Marshal of the Polish Republic

Help this educational institution to illustrate the cultural heritage and ingenuity of Polish Americans, and to highlight other ethnic groups.

Volunteer your talents to create, promote and perpetuate a positive image of your heritage, and help the museum to expand and become known in your neighborhood and other throughout America.

Help this museum to show the beauty of the Polish American charitable heart and the spiritual values of your family by donating old documents, maps, personal family records, photographs, handcrafts, paintings, valuable books, art, stamp and coin collection and bequesting, by Last Will and Testament, capital funds, stocks, bonds, real estate, personal collections and memorabilia.

To find out how you can legally decrease your Estate Inheritance Taxes, call the Polish American Museum at (516) 883-6542 for an appointment.